Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One Love

Everyone has their own battles
Some fighting the good fight
Trying to stand up for what’s right
Some use their holy books
To spew hate and challenge your eternal fate
If you don’t walk the same path as them
This is nothing new
Been going on long before me and you

Things that happened in other lands
Have now made it to our shores
Now there’s bloodshed and words said
That make people rethink their worth and
They choose to leave this world too soon
Believing it will help the cause
Hoping to give the enemy pause
But even in their end they can’t effect change
The way you and I can

The only way is united we stand
Divided we always fall
Since the beginning of man
That’s been our downfall
What we need is one love
One universal love
Security for all, peace for everyone
I hope this is the battle
That can be won

Keep the faith
Use your power for good
And stay away
From those ignorant fools
By default they’ll have
To come around
When the rest of society
Is on them like a bloodhound
Breathing peace and tolerance
Down their neck
They’ll only have one move left

This could be the end of pain
Feel the drops of the healing rain.

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