Friday, February 1, 2013

What An Amazing Place!!

I was flying across this wonderful country recently and made it a point to look out the window for most of the flight. As I marveled over the differences in terrain, from lush green landscapes to barren brown deserts, I thought to myself, "We live in one of the most incredible places on Earth!"

I've often thought that I wanted to travel the world; to see and experience all of the breathtaking things this planet has to offer. And that day I realized we take a lot of things for granted here in the States. I rarely stop to think of how easy it is to just hop on a plane and be anywhere you want in a matter of hours. That's pretty convenient, now isn't it? And pretty flipping amazing!

On this cross-country journey, I changed my thinking a little. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'll never take the good 'ol US of A for granted ever again. I'm just saying I've vowed to stop and enjoy the moment more often. I see the need and benefit of living in the moment and having a grateful heart. There is so much more to life than planning for days that haven't yet arrived. Life is happening NOW, right in front of us. Whether or not we choose to notice might be the difference in total happiness....completeness.

Stop for a moment and think about all those times you didn't live in the moment. Did you enjoy that moment to it's fullest? Or were you so worried about this or that, that you didn't fully enjoy the ride you were on?

My point here is: we all live busy lives with jobs, responsibilities, kids, hobbies, etc. But why must we rush through everything just to get to the next meeting, engagement, kid's soccer game? Slow down. Life already goes by too quickly and before you know it, you're wondering where it all went. You can do something about it right now. Slow your roll, stop and smell the roses. Breathe.

Life is too short to take shallow breaths. Breathe it all in and savor every single moment that you're LIVING in. 

Just. Live.

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