Tuesday, October 4, 2016


What is this world coming to? We are living in telling times. Times that speak volumes about who we are and what our legacy will be once we are long gone. 

As a writer, expressing emotions and revelations about the human condition with music, I tend to be an observer of people. I read, I watch, I listen - words, body language, actions. I see everything from a perspective not common to most. As a result, I always feel like I'm in a heightened state. It's not always a comfortable place to be - it causes me great pain when I see more of the bad than good. And when I see the good, it settles my soul. But we are living in a time when I've taken on some heavy emotions lately. Some observations...

We laugh and mock others for their misfortunes or mistakes. We sit behind lighted boxes saying things....awful things.....our parents would've made us wash our mouths out with soap for saying such things!! And if you do those things anonymously, you are even lower on the totem pole of dignity. 

We've made the unimportant our biggest time wasters, stealing us away from the things that should matter most. Violence, murder, etc. etc. - all commonplace on TV and in the movies we watch. We are no longer shocked by anything. We've put the worst out there to be seen and heard by all. If we are inconvenienced in our drive or commute by traffic, we expect to see at least blood - because it "better be something terrible if it's holding up my day." 

We laud and applaud loudmouths and reality show stars because they provide a source of entertainment. We put them on pedestals, rush out to buy the wares they're hawking so we can brag about what we have. We are making them millions for doing absolutely nothing while we are going broke, trying like hell to keep up with the Kardashians. It's nonsense. 

People read. People watch. People notice. I know, just from Facebook alone (because some folks just can't keep it to themselves), who's a hate-spewing bigot and who's trying to be a good person. I even have relatives who can't post ANYTHING good - not a word of kindness or joy in any of their posts. Just rhetoric or gloom and doom. What a sad place to live. But I don't feel bad for them because they made the choice to be that way. 


We have become so lax in policing our own words or actions - how can we possibly expect future generations to be any better? We are not part of the problem - we ARE the problem. Either you are actively participating in or perpetuating this madness or you are not. There is no in-between. Even inaction makes you guilty by not saying or doing anything to bring some good into this world and shut down those who haven't a kind word in their vocabulary. Will you use your powers for good or for evil? 

Here's a news flash - no matter how awesome you think you are in life, death doesn't care because all graves are the same size. What do you want to be remembered for? What will be your legacy? One of love, acceptance and kindness? Or one of no integrity, no decency and no empathy.

I saw something earlier that said, "If the words you spoke appeared on your skin...would you still be beautiful?" 

The choice is yours.

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