Monday, March 6, 2017


Small minded people from their small, small towns
Are led like lost sheep, mouths closed, heads down.
The stories they are told are tried and true,
Used to control and spin the truth.
From generation to generation, tales passed on
Don’t ask and don’t tell, the ultimate con.
In secret they wonder what they would find on their own
Yet, they are always redirected and led back home.
There’s only one way out when you live in a bubble
It might cause controversy and trouble, trouble, trouble.
When you question the machine and powers that be,
You risk shaking leaves off the family tree.
It is easier to stay with what you know,
Than to go on your own and buck status quo.
There is much to be seen beyond, should you choose
But only if you are prepared to have and to lose.
The world is a-changing, never to stop
For the Earth is like a giant spinning top.
Progress is good, for the soul, for the mind
Let life in, don’t get left behind.

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